Reliance Industries is hiring-Engineer Process Design

Reliance Industries is hiring-Engineer Process Design

Job description

  • Installation and maintenance of software tools.
  • Use of software tools for process design, troubleshooting, revamp and what if studies.
  • Critical analysis of plant data for model tuning purpose.
  • Generate Heat Material balances and equipment process data sheet.
  • Carryout /check equipment design/revamp calculations. Support equipment installation.
  • PIO review and participation in Root cause Analysis, Benchmarking etc.
  • Support technology groups for chronic problem solving.
  • Check calculations for hydraulics, utility networks, flare system design /analysis.
  • Perform system engineering.
  • Develop and use advanced tools for engineering analysis.
  • Prepare document for sending enquiry document to LBEC. Review the technical offers and process design documents.
  • Check preliminary economic analysis for OPEX, net contribution and CAPEX/EBITDA.
  • Prepare SG2 and SG3 documents.

    B. Technology management

  • Identify need for interactions with institutes/agencies for specialized model development. Perform discussions with vendors on relevant modelling tools.
  • Attend vendor meetings, review technical bid evaluation documents and prepare recommendations.
  • Initiate / propose software vendor interactions.
  • Periodically update models
  • Assess simulation tools

    C. Data Management

  • Update data in process design, models and development of multiple projects and manage the same.
  • Check internal technical reports
  • Database Management on standard software available for improving process work.
  • Ensure accurate records as per IPR requirements.

    D. HSE other regulatory compliances

  • Develop awareness of HSE procedures/ practices for related process design areas
  • Ensure compliance with applicable local environmental site, statutory regulations affecting process design decisions
  • Understand MSDS of chemicals being handled in a particular project.
  • Participate in PSM activities.
  • Participate in HAZOP / SIL studies / model review during progress of project

    E. Learning mentoring

  • Learn aspects of detailed process design and development
  • Be conversant with design guidelines /codes /standards.
  • Learn to model complex processes.
  • Master all relevant models/chemical engineering thermodynamics
  • Learn economic evaluation financial aspects of PIOs/ new projects.
  • F.¬†Extra Mural Activities
  • Draft / Review publications (paper/patent) and oral presentations.
  • Read and assimilate technical articles from process design journals.
  • Attend technical programmes.

Education Requirement :

  • Bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering from a reputed university. Masters or Ph.D. preferred

Experience Requirement :

  • Minimum 5 years of experience out of which 2 years should be on using simulation softwares. Knowledge of programming preferred.

Skills Competencies :

  • Thorough understanding of chemical engineering principles
  • Good analytical thinking, learning problem solving
  • Good communication, writing presentation skills
  • Ability to learn quickly any simulation software
  • Ability to understand process plants
  • Good in building maintaining relationships

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